Pastor Reuben Garcia

A man called by God to serve God and His people.

Pastor Reuben Garcia was called by God at the age of nine while praying with his mother in church. After much turmoil and many snares, twisted roads, and crooked paths, Pastor Reuben accepted his calling to serve God, to serve God's people, and to bring others to Christ. The love, compassion, and zeal the Lord gave him is a gift that he enjoys sharing with anyone who will listen.

Pastor Reuben began his service as a youth pastor and then as a senior pastor through the Church of God. Encouraged by his people, he took an apostolic step of faith and started his own church, True Life Covenant, in July 2011. With a never-give-up attitude, Pastor Reuben is armed with beliefs and teachings obtained over the years through many challenging experiences and a powerful education gained from his continuous study and application of God's Word.

One of Pastor Reuben's favorite sayings is: "God isn't looking for a silver vessel or a golden vessel. He's looking for a willing vessel." He understands the struggles we have in this world because he has overcome many himself. Through Bible-based teachings, he equips us with the tools given in the Bible--the incomparable Word, which trains and strengthens us that we may overcome all obstacles and live the victorious life the Lord gave us at the cross.

On February 14, 2012, Pastor Willie Ruth Moore from Hands of Love Church of Flint, ordained our Pastor, Reuben Garcia, from ordained chaplain to fully ordained Pastor of True Life Covenant. It was another piece to a beautiful evening as the holy orders were conferred upon Pastor Reuben by Pastor Moore, who is now the official spiritual covering for True Life Church.

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He Loves Us

At True Life Covenant, we strive to serve God, hungry for the True Life only He can provide. We are committed to teaching people to live the victorious life God intended through better understanding His Word, the Bible, and how to apply it to our everyday lives. We know that no matter who we are or what we've done (good or bad), our God is a God who loves us right where we're at!

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